2nd Feb. 2016


2nd Feb. 2016 - same as always

2nd Feb. 2016 is a textile piece revealing the fire forest condition in this very specific day. The 180X90 canvas is painted with coloured threads using the Global Forest Watch’s fire forest data, available in their platform. Everyday, those orange and red spots will stamp in this art piece the fire forest data from the 2nd Feb. 2016. Also, everyday the GFW is covered with dots from the everyday real-time fire forest. But the worse to think is that, everyday these dots are real fire in a real forest in this world.

The making process of this canvas took a form of intense performance-production where the artist was for the 6 days working from 6am to 12am. The base is made with cotton stripes covered with blue and white thin threads. The long white and blue rope is weaving in a loose way, forming the longitude and latitude lines of the world. After, red and orange colours are embroidered in this structure, according to the coordination of the countries with forests under fire.