Alola is a project with a set of tools to facilitate workshops where children can interact beyond language and cultural differences. These workshops are both playful and interactive, and are aimed at children aged between 7 and 12 living in the same country. The main focus of Alola is to promote cultural diversity with tools to facilitate workshops between children of different backgrounds and geographical locations.


Alola has slowly been going through a couple of transformations, and the focus is always changing as the situation and circumstances around affect it, but the ethos of Alola will always be the same, and remains the driving force in the direction we decide to take as a team. One positive and big change was from being just a project started during a residency, to being an official NGO.


From ideation to prototyping the tools, the workshops and the platform, all the team has worked collectively putting in action our multidisciplinary skills. Currently Alola has a format that allow us to deliver workshop not only for the children, but also for adults inside of companies working with Social Responsible projects.
Alola was projected during the 5months residency programme at The Camp, a place dedicated to social innovation in south of France.


Sandile Pazvakavambwa, Julia Jacques, Claire Glanois, Lea Wlodarczyk, Aline Martinez