Sustainable Fashion


The project “Articulando” 2008, is a series of convertible wearables made of leftover textiles from a High Fashion Atelier in Londrina, Brazil. In the video, it is explained (in portuguese) how was the design process and the collection output. In the second part of the video, it is possible to see how to interact with one of the pieces I’ve designed.

As intern there, I had to learn draping and sewing techniques and want to design new styles to experiment new things that I was researching. Back in 2005, my big influencer was Issey Miyake and once I learnt how to redesign synthetic textiles using warmth, That became my first contribution to the Esperanza Atelie. Soon those experiments expended to shibori and arashi methods, mixing dying methods and plissé shapes. At the time, the main focus of the Fashion Design program was the sustainable fashion systems.

My thesis was a result of the textiles collected inside of the Esperanza Atelie and the main goal was the versatility of the clothing without missing the target the brand.